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Girl Boner Radio: True Sex and Relationship Stories

Feb 17, 2021

Have you ever felt let down because your partner doesn’t meet your expectations? Or wondered if you’re having enough sex? 


Dr. Gary Lewandowski, psychologist and author of Stronger Than You Think: The 10 Blind Spots That Undermine Your Relationship...and How to See Past Them, has been studying relationships for years through his Relationship Science Lab. He’s also been featured by The New York Times, NPR, The Atlantic and Cosmopolitan. His empowering TEDx Talk, “Break-Ups Don’t Have to Leave You Broken,” has been viewed nearly 2 million times.


Dr. Lewandowski joined August recently to explore several common relationship myths that can really cause problems, if you buy into them—which is easy to do! He also shared his own love story, including how he met his wife, some of the challenges they’ve faced and signs they’re on the right track.


A few things you’ll learn in the episode:


  • The difference a maximizer and a satisficer in terms of relationships, and which is a better aim
  • Why a “sex challenge” isn’t usually helpful
  • What’s most important about your sex life for boosting relationship satisfaction
  • A common misbelief about breakups 
  • 5 ways to heal and move on after a break up, with tips from Dr. Megan Fleming 


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