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Girl Boner Radio: True Sex and Relationship Stories

Feb 23, 2017

Mona Darling returns to Girl Boner to chat about reentering sex work in her 40s, orgasm control and sassy getaways with your girlfriends! Dr. Megan Fleming weighs in for a listener who prefers quickies, while her boyfriend prefers slow sex.

Feb 16, 2017

Kouros Alaee has moved past childhood abuse and binge eating disorder, embraced herself as an empowered transgender woman and now teaches others to cultivate wellness and self-love. Learn about her journey, her top tips for living authentically, ways to feel sexy and more!

Feb 9, 2017

Laura Corn, NYT bestselling author of 101 Nights of Great Sex, joins August for a chat on spicing up your bedroom life, common sexual complaints, the importance or romance and more! Dr. Megan responds to a listener who wishes her husband were more enthused about sex.

Feb 2, 2017

Erotic careers can be rewarding and demanding. Take it from Lola Davina, who joins August to explore her journey as a sex worker and why self-care is crucial in the industry. Dr. Megan weighs in enjoying sex when depression stands in the way. August reviews the L’amourose Prism vibrator, thanks to The Pleasure Chest!