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Girl Boner Radio: True Sex and Relationship Stories

Apr 28, 2016

August chats with Sarah J. Swofford, MPH, an author and sex educator for moms, on sexual changes and after childbirth and ways to boost moms' self-esteem. Then Dr. Megan weighs in on Girl Boner® blog readers' FAQ on sex drive differences, timing sex and more.

Apr 21, 2016

August interviews Christina Weber of Undergound Unattached about dating dos and don'ts when you desire a serious relationship. Dr. Megan Fleming answers a listener's Q: What if your partner wants children, but you don't?

Apr 14, 2016

August interviews exotic porn star Jayden Lee on the differences between sex in pornography and reality and Dr. Megan answers a listener's Q on oral sex: what if you don't enjoy going down on your partner?

Apr 7, 2016

August interviews Missy Lavendar, Founder and Executive Director of the Women's Health Foundation and coauthor of Below Your Belt: How To Be Queen of Your Pelvic Region. Dr. Megan weighs in for a single dad whose 5-YO daughter has sex questions. August shares a special gift for all listeners!