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Girl Boner Radio: True Sex and Relationship Stories

Jun 24, 2015

August interviews Rachel Thompson, an award-winning author, social media consultant and sexual abuse survivor who publicly advocates for abuse victims. She shares takeaways from her healing process, the Duggar case and more. Dr. Megan Fleming shares ways to cultivate healthy intimacy after sexual trauma. 

Jun 17, 2015

Body image and attitudes about sexuality are tightly linked. August interviews Emily Nolan, award-winning blogger, yoga enthusiast and founder of the nonprofit Topless, a self confidence tour founded on vulnerability and radical honesty. Emily shares takeaways from her decade of struggling with eating disorders. Dr....

Jun 11, 2015

August shares celebrity interviews from a recent performance of The Vagina Monologues, directed by Sheena Metal, then explores common ways women alter their genitals, including waxing, douching, vazazzling and surgery. Why are they so popular? What are the risks? She also introduces her #HeelFree campaign—a year...

Jun 4, 2015

August interviews celebrated artist Aaron Johnson (who also happens to be her brother), then talks sex and dating humor with Aaron and matchmaker Marla Martenson. Five authors share funny stories, which may be Fact or Fiction. Guess right to win Girl Boner swag! Plus, tips on talking to kids about sex from Dr....