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Girl Boner Radio: True Sex and Relationship Stories

Jul 21, 2014

August interviews Thomas Maier, author and producer of "Masters of Sex." The hit book and Showtime series chronicle the lives and work of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, researchers who taught the world about sexual science and the power of female sexuality.

Jul 14, 2014

Many jokes about women and sexuality are demeaning, but they don't have to be! August discusses "dumb blonde" humor, shares a glimpse of her former actress life and interviews Alia Janine, a porn star turned standup comedian and Scatterbrains Podcast host.

Jul 9, 2014

In celebration of Girl Boner Radio's 25th episode, August shares sex-perts' answers to listeners' questions and interviews Dr. Lisa Masterson, a practicing OB/GYN, mom, philanthropist, author and host of Health in Heels with Dr. Lisa.