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Girl Boner Radio: True Sex and Relationship Stories

Jul 28, 2021

This Girl Boner Radio episode celebrates some of Dr. Megan’s most popular and beloved advice and sex tips (aka “Megan-isms”) including ways to turn up the heat in a monogamous relationship, many of which can apply to other relationship styles as well.


You’ll also learn about:


  • Signs that it’s time to...

Jul 21, 2021

Sex is supposed to be noisy, unless silence is part of the fun or something you need for privacy. But what if a particular sound or bodily function makes you feel beyond embarrassed? Or if a partner hasn’t exactly welcomed your sounds?


This Girl Boner Radio episode features:


  • An “OMG” sex story from Olivia, a...

Jul 14, 2021

The clitoris is only “mysterious” because it’s been culturally ignored for so long. This week’s stories illustrate how mighty the clit truly is and how impactful it can be to discover and embrace it!

You’ll also learn about ways to bring more pleasure to sex, two sex toys you may want to consider trying and...

Jul 7, 2021

A seemingly perfect date gone very wrong, powerful sex that involved no nakedness or penetration and a listener question on hands-free orgasms.


A few things you’ll learn about in the episode:


  • Why we need to take care of ourselves after breakups
  • The importance of feeling, rather than ignoring, our feelings
  • The...