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Girl Boner Radio

Jan 25, 2023

Emily Gindlesparger was eight years into a relationship when her partner admitted having a crush on someone else. Her responsive tailspin of anxiety, jealousy and self-doubt led to curiosities about her own true desires and gradually stepping into them. 


You’ll also learn:


How she and her partner navigated aspects...

Jan 11, 2023

Princessa Natasha Strange grew up on a farm in Oregon in the 70s, with no access to pop culture. Early on, she learned how to respond to schoolyard bullies in ways that foretold her future.


Her turbulent road to becoming a professional Dominatrix and femme-centric BDSM coach has been well worth it. And she has a lot...

Dec 14, 2022

Domina Mara, Professional Dominant and filmmaker, and her pup join August for another round of Sex Questions With…! Learn about Mara’s career, the pair’s Dominant/pup relationship and the group’s answers to steamy questions from listeners and the boardgame, “You Don’t Know My Life.”


Highlights include...

Dec 7, 2022

Gwendolyn J. Bean had only dated women when her dating desires shifted. Amber Cantorna grew up in a conservative Christian home then fell in love with her female college roommate. 


You’ll hear:


  • Gwendolyn and Amber’s coming out stories
  • Their contrasting experiences regarding loved ones’ acceptance
  • Advice for...

Nov 30, 2022

August is joined by friend and colleague, Makenzie Mizell, to discuss times they made sex or dating experiences awkward. You’ll also hear about listeners’ “OMG” dates and Makenzie’s latest (and spicy!) ventures.


Topics touched on include bodily functions, a gay ‘ol pickup line, a myth about female...