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Girl Boner Radio: True Sex and Relationship Stories

Dec 7, 2022

Gwendolyn J. Bean had only dated women when her dating desires shifted. Amber Cantorna grew up in a conservative Christian home then fell in love with her female college roommate. 


You’ll hear:


  • Gwendolyn and Amber’s coming out stories
  • Their contrasting experiences regarding loved ones’ acceptance
  • Advice for managing loneliness around your sexual orientation or desires 
  • Who to come out to and when
  • Rewards of sexuality/self-acceptance you can look forward to 


You’ll also learn about Gwendolyn’s erotica story in The Big Book of Orgasms, Volume 2, and what Amber most hopes readers will glean from her latest nonfiction book, Unashamed: A Coming Out Guide for LGBTQ Christians.


The interview with Amber Cantorna featured in this episode was released in full in May, 2019.




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