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Girl Boner Radio: True Sex and Relationship Stories

Dec 16, 2020

They aren’t all holidays-themed, but some fun distraction may be just what 2020 ordered! August wraps up the Girl Boner Radio year by sharing the voices and stories of librarian Jess Witkins, publicist Will Armstrong, sex educator Angelique Luna and #open's Maile Manliguis.

A few things you’ll hear about this episode:


  • Some intense improv (and okay, lies) that fueled romance
  • Attraction that was finally acted on, after a date with someone else
  • A play date that turned into a lengthy therapy session
  • An odd kind of handsy-ness at the end of sex
  • Wild animals on a wild night
  • Why "green flags" are important in relationships
  • How to navigate sexual dysfunction or low desire after an ex’s infidelity (and then some), with Dr. Megan
  • A fun and spicy gift to consider for you and/or a partner


The show will return on January 6th. Wishing you meaningful holidays!


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Edited and produced by August McLaughlin

Transcript support from KM Huber