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Girl Boner Radio: True Sex and Relationship Stories

Jan 27, 2021

S and C are scientists and foodies who share a deep love. One thing they don’t share is an equal desire for sex. While S is pretty much always “ready to go,” her partner C desires sex less often. And when he does desire it, his wants aren’t always those that S can fulfill. 


Shan is a virtual assistant and mother of two homeschooled teens who consistently desired sex less often than her beloved late husband, Jim. Navigating these differences well came in waves, she said, as they learned what did and didn’t help over the years.


For this Girl Boner Radio episode, August spoke with S and C and with Shan about their journeys and ways to manage mismatched libido in a loving relationship.


Content note: This episode includes mentions of abuse, miscarriage and death.

Correction: Shan is a "widowed mother of two teens who never went to school," meaning she homeschools them. Shan did go to traditional school.

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Produced and edited by August McLaughlin

Transcript support from KM Huber