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Girl Boner Radio

Jan 12, 2022

After using dating apps for 10 years, author Shani Silver gave them up and gained surprising, life-shifting rewards. Therapist Kerry Cohen has learned to navigate life and relationships while managing sex and love addiction, terms that remain common and controversial. 


A few things you’ll learn about:


What finally prompted Shani to give up dating apps

Her advice for anyone feeling miserably dependent on them

A perspective shift she recommends for embracing single-hood

When Kerry’s struggles with sex and love emerged

A few reasons “sex and love addiction” termonology is controversial, and why Kerry believes that’s a good thing 

How messaging around sex, love and romance make romantic and sexual compulsions trickier, and how those messages affect us all


Check out A Single Revolution, by Shani Silver, and Crazy for You, by Kerry Cohen


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Girl Boner Radio is hosted and produced by August McLaughlin, with transcript support from KM Huber.