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Girl Boner Radio: True Sex and Relationship Stories

Mar 8, 2023

Can orgasms make or break a relationship? Learning to make sex pleasurable (for her) helped save Susan Bratton’s marriage and sex life. A toxic relationship led Emmi Fortin to her lengthiest climax, and kept her stuck on a poor-fit partner. 


You’ll also learn:


  • How to experience hot, breakup-level sex without the heartache
  • Clitoris tips for maximum bliss
  • Why Emmi decided to openly write about her intimate experiences
  • How Susan shifted from dissociation to presence during sex
  • Ways to bridge an orgasm gap 
  • (which are common for women and vulva owners in relationships with cis-men) 
  • Tips for experiencing “female orgasms” from PIV sex
  • Susan's expanded orgasm experience (which she teaches)
  • A Tantric exercise that helped ease body shame
  • How a photoshoot spurred intense self-pleasure


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