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Girl Boner Radio: True Sex and Relationship Stories

Dec 9, 2020

Long-time sex therapist Tara Galeano, speaks about her a journey to rediscover her body after difficulties in her personal life and health served as a major wakeup call. She now approaches her life and her work very differently. 

A few things you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Catholic messaging early on impacted Tara’s ideas about sex and marriage
  • How she (and her body) responded to learning about her then husband’s deceptions
  • Body mapping basics and how it plays out in group therapy
  • How you can try body mapping at home
  • Benefits of body mapping, from stronger intimacy to kinkier sex
  • The basics of touch starvation (“skin hunger”) and 6 ways to manage it with Dr. Megan Fleming
  • About Tara’s new book, Rediscovering My Body

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Narrated and produced by August McLaughlin

Transcript support from KM Huber